The Benefits of Going Organic


Did you know that  your lady parts are one of the most absorptive organs of the body and links directly to reproductive organs?

Cotton, which most underwear are made from (not even mentioning synthetic fabrics here) are bleached, dyed, fireproofed, and even include wrinkle proofing. The chemicals from these processes touch your skin and they can irritate your skin as well as cause bacteria to grow and cause yeast infections 

Organic cotton products don’t use any of these chemicals, and use only low-impact and fiber-reactive dyes to get a lasting color. Therefore, organic cotton prevents your skin from irritation, bacteria and yeast growth.  Our standard 


Better having something organic touching your most sensitive parts!            


Non-GMO seeds

No pesticides allowed

Natural Fertilizers only 

Fair labor standards with living wages

Creating more jobs for locals

Free from toxins


Eliminates moisture that causes bacteria to multiply

Safely biodegrades over time

Safe for soil, plants, animals and human