Ecosì is eco, cozy and simple. It’s organic underwear designed for everyday comfort. We care about skin and general health, a positive body image and sustainability.

Our story

Most women’s underwear is made from chemical-based synthetic fibers, which leads to infections, odors and other sorts of discomfort. They have also been proven to disrupt hormones, aggressively pollute the environment, and once discarded - don’t biodegrade.


Ecosì was established to offer ethically produced and healthy alternative products for women of all ages and body types who are tired of the lack of simple, comfortable, everyday underwear options.

Concern about the environment and labor matters made two friends stand together shoulder to shoulder to create a product that represents ecologically conscious, contemporary women’s values and to simultaneously fill the gaps in the growing sustainable fashion market.

Deimante ecosi cofounder


Co-founder. Editorial. Social. Communication

Deimante has a great passion for fashion, arts and sustainable living. She’s constantly looking for new ways to improve and reduce our planet’s outdated industrial footprint.

Deimante has worked in various fashion projects and has always been curious to learn more about the fascinating world of fashion. Nevertheless, researching fashion has brought her to the darkest corners of destructive practices used in fashion goods' production: modern slavery, child labor and environmental degradation. From this newfound awareness a desire emerged to innovate fashion and help forge the change we all want to see.   


Co-founder. Technical. Manufacturing

Gabriele loves spending time in nature, creating user and environment-friendly products. Apart from her engineering job and developing Ecosì, she loves improving her martial arts skills.

Gabriele is a product engineer, who strives to innovate and create better products which can improve peoples' lives. She is constantly looking for natural and progressive manufacturing techniques ranging from cultivation of raw materials to final packaging. "We need to think not only about what we’re creating but also how we create it and what impact we have on nature and fellow human beings.

Gabriele ecosi cofounder
two girls with Ecosi organic cotton underwear

Our Mission 

We are striving to develop a sustainable and functional product, which you will want to choose over others. Simple, long-lasting underwear, in which you can feel comfortable every day. 

Beyond just providing you with the underwear, we want to encourage you to feel good in your skin, celebrate the beauty of your unique body.

Our steps

2020 January

We officially

became part of Fairtrade

2019 June

The idea

was born

2019 October

We officially

registered as

Ecosì Underwear

2019 September

We found



2019 November

Our first samples were produced 

2020 August

 The underwear has

finally reached
our shelves

2020 December

First pair of undies was

sent to our customer

woman with cotton flower

Ethically made

Our factory has excellent garment production facilities, is well equipped and focused on quality - taking the time to ensure good craftsmanship and making the garments durable. 

The factory is certified by GOTS and Fairtrade, this ensures good working conditions and fair wages for workers.#KnowYourFactory

Organic cotton

Crafted from GOTS-certified cotton, Ecosì underwear is 100% organic – the perfect blend of lightweight, airy and soft material. There could not be a better choice for your skin and the environment.

Organic cotton is a natural fiber, which uses much less water to grow and doesn’t require harmful chemicals to be sprayed on farmland.

Organic cotton biodegrades without causing so much pollution for the environment.#GoOrganic

cotton flowers

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters?

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world? (Number 1 being Oil & Gas).

Scientists have repeatedly warned us about the effects of climate change. And with fashion being one of the biggest polluters, sustainable fashion has the potential of making a positive impact in the fight against the Earth’s destruction.

Sustainable fashion is important in reducing the amount of water, chemicals, energy consumption and the excessive overflowing of landfills. Sustainable fashion can help us to reduce our impact on the environment, people and wildlife.