Who we are and why ECosì

Ecosì is eco, cosy, simple. Organic underwear designed for everyday comfort. We care about the skin and health, positive body image and sustainability.

Our story


Co-founder. Editorial. Social. Communication

Great passion for fashion, arts, sustainable living. Constantly looking for new ways to live better and reduce my footprint on our planet.

Deimante worked on various fashion projects and was always curious to learn more about the fascinating world of fashion. Nevertheless, researching fashion brought to the darkest corners of destructive practices used in fashion goods' production: modern slavery, child labour, and environmental impact. With such awareness emerged a desire "to do" fashion better and to be the change we all want to see.   


Co-founder. Technical. Manufacturing

Gabriele loves spending time in nature, create a user and environment-friendly products. Apart from developing Ecosì and her engineering job, she loves improving her skills in martial arts.

​Gabriele is a product engineer, who strives to innovate and create a better product, which can improve peoples' lives. Constantly looking for natural and not harmful manufacturing ways starting from raw materials to packaging. "We need to think not only about what we are creating but also how we create it and what impact we do for nature and people"

Our steps

2020 January

We officially

became a part of Fairtrade

2019 June

The idea

was born

2019 October

We are officially

registered as

Ecosì Underwear

2019 September

We found



2019 November

We got


first samples

2020 July

First underwear
will reach
our shelfs

Ethically made

Organic cotton

Crafted from GOTS-certified cotton, ECosì underwear is  100% organic – the perfect blend of lightweight, airy, and soft. A better choice for your skin and our environment.

 Organic cotton is a natural fiber, which uses much less water to grow and don’t use harmful chemicals that are sprayed on farm land.

Organic cotton biodegrades without causing so much pollution for the environment.


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Our products are made from GOTS certified cotton and our production meets Fairtrade standards